Saturday, October 30, 2010

williams room

children's bedrooms are one of my favorite rooms in a home. i love planning out the space, finding each piece and making everything come together.
here's williams room just after we moved in in april.

the room walls were a smurf like blue with fake, wood trim around the windows and doors that made the room look dark.

here is the during process

i painted the walls a soft blue from sherwin williams called glimmer (SW 6474) and did a 3-step process on all the trim to make it white. first coat is zessners oil based paint so it would adhere, then a coat of regular primer, last coat was wall and trim paint. the results are just what i wanted.
now that william is two-and-a-half we decided to make the transition to a big boy room. his room is a little small so i went with ikea's trofast extendable bed and mattress, and i love it.


the chalk board i bought at goodwill for $4.99 and painted the trim brown
small school house chairs $30 for both
i bought the dresser for $30 at an antique shop in the area
globes were about $4o for all four - the fourth globe is a big one that you can't see in the pictures, it's on the shelf in the closet next to the books
world map over his bed was a gift from my friend michelle, she found it at an estate sale
i made the curtains with 6 yards of britton hus fabric from ikea
williams silhouette i made
pictures/pieces on wall are from different vendors at farm chicks
thanks kate for photographing his room


Kate said...

adorable! I'm so glad his room is done and finished! do you remember trying to get those curtains up!? btw, I want to come by and help you make your curtains for your living room!

Michelle said...

Looks so cute Krystal! I'm excited for baby #2's room make over! Let me know when you need help.

The Crandizzles said...

Way cute! Love the frames!

Anonymous said...

Very nice room, love the curains. Where did the lamp come from (the silver one next to the bed)? Thanks! Beryl

krystal said...

thanks beryl -- i bought the lamp at ikea, i think is was only $15 or $20.