Wednesday, May 19, 2010

for william's books

william's room was the first project in the house to get underway. i knew i wanted to stick with the same theme for his room but really make everything come together with the finishing touches i never got to before.
the last month or so i've been looking for something to house william's growing book collection. i got lucky when out with katelyn a few weeks back: i found a used book shelf/cart at a thrift store in pullman for $4.99. one side stored the books and the other side had red felt glued on from it's previous owner. it was nasty, dirty felt, but i knew exactly what i wanted to do with it.

i scrapped off the felt and used chalkboard paint to give william an area to be creative and draw.

william and i both love how it came out. i hope to have the rest of his room, before and after, up shortly.