Sunday, August 15, 2010

my kitchen then and now

it's been four months since we moved in i've been a little busy and a little lazy. i wasn't able to get to seattle for my "big house furniture buying trip" until the end of july, so i was set back a bit. (you can see all about that fun trip here)
karl and i plan to update and probably renovate the kitchen the beginning of next year, so my plan until then was to make a few small changes that would make big difference.


first i took down the existing curtain rod and mini blinds from the windows to bring in more light. then removed the dining room light and installed the new pendant light i bought from ikea. i also put up light filtering roman shades to replace the blinds. i chose to take off the top cabinet doors to give a more open feel, plus i really like open cabinets with white ware on display. i bought a new table and chairs that fit this dining area better than my rectangular table
from our last place.


so here is it, my kitchen

and now:



a few details up close:

i'm very happy with the results. it feels like a new kitchen and i love it.


Kate said...

what beautiful pictures krystal! the kitchen is perfect. I love it too! I love when our kids have lunch at your cute table. it's so homey and welcoming!

Missy G said...

It's amazing what a few small changes to do a place! I love it.