Saturday, October 17, 2009

warm, knit blanket

i love knitting for many reasons. the first being how cheap and easy it can be. i love that i can take it anywhere: to the park while william plays, on an airplane, or just while i watch a movie. it's relaxing and perfect as a winter project. 
case in point.
this is what i did a few weekends ago, sat in my living room by the fire with a book and knitting project. no machine necessary, just needles and yarn. simple. 

i'm making this blanket for a baby. maybe my next baby. whenever that may be? 

Monday, October 5, 2009

easy flannel blanket

i made a flannel blanket for a friends baby shower last saturday.
this easy blanket only requires 2 yards of fabric and a sewing machine. 

the three of us worked together a few years ago. danean and i work in the lab and tawni was a nurse. i loved seeing them again. congratulations tawni and mitch, she'll be beautiful.