Sunday, April 25, 2010

william's cute little face.

thursday morning will and i went to katelyn's place for a craft; we made silhouettes of our kids to display as art. i sat in front, looking at each of the children, entertaining them so katelyn could get the right angle for each photo. after that, she did the hard work of changing, shrinking each one, getting it just right for printing. we then cut them out using a razor, traced them onto the paper we wanted and framed 'em. that's it. short and simple.

i love william's, he looks little, yet so grown up. this was a fast and easy project, one that i was happy to start and finish in a day.


Melissa said...

Krystal it looks amazing.
I used to do these with my second graders.
love it.

Kate said...

it looks perfect! I love the blue. great job girl.

ps-the eye lash totally works!