Wednesday, March 3, 2010

knit kiwi bird

i just knit my favorite project yet. a kiwi bird for my little buddy, masaru, who turned 5 on tuesday. after finishing the baby bootees i went in search of a new project, the best places being ravelry and etsy. i came across this free pattern on etsy and fell in love.

from start to finish was probably 9 hours and i loved every minute. more than likely i will not duplicate it for anyone else because it was a perfect bird for a kiwi kid. masaru's mother, melissa, is a good friend of mine. she's an awesome sunday school teacher and has two of my favorite qualities; strong testimony and a super cool, new zealand accent. she and her family are moving in a few months and i'm happy to have left her kiddo with one of my favorite knitting projects. i'll miss you guys.


Melissa said...

So cute.
I'm good at keeping in contact girl.
So we'll always be in touch.
Come visit me.
I'm teaching Sunday LOL

Ashleigh said...

that turned out way cuter than I thought a fat little bird with no wings ever could! Amazing! :)

Brad and Marissa said...

Krystal you are so amazingly crafty!!! That Kiwi is so awesome!!