Thursday, February 4, 2010

toddler necktie

i'm a bit picky when it comes to some things, toddler ties are one of those things. i had been looking for a black tie to go with williams new black church shoes but had no luck. until my friend jenny emailed me this tutorial a few weeks ago i was settled on never finding a cute black tie. after reading it i was anxious to make one. i found my tie at the storm cellar for $4.00.


i didn't follow the directions exactly because i wanted to made a real tie that actually tied like a big boy tie does.

my first attempt at it didn't work too well. i begged karl to try and tie it to fit william. he managed to get it around his neck but the knot was so thick, the tie stuck out and the shorter tail was really short.

here it is on him. notice the larger than normal size knot? i knew it was a little off but i really wanted him to wear it once before giving the tie a rework.

in-between steps

the second and better attempt at his tie.


horizontal view in case you were wondering what it might look like ; )


Katelyn said...

you are AMAZING! I love love love weewee's tie. He looks so handsome. Great photos girl.

Melissa said...

Hey Krystal could you teach me?
I suck at watching tutorials online.
I can't even curl my hair IN FRONT of a tutorial.
I think I have a problem.
My kids are sick so no rush.
Whenever you're available like a week two weeks from now.
I have two boys and this would be awesome you know.

The Crandizzles said...

Way to go! Good job!

Chance and Beth said...

you are so crafty! Love it, just wish I'd taken advantage of getting to know you better while we were still in Idaho!!