Saturday, February 20, 2010

a quick dress alteration

i bought an awesome dress a month ago at a great new shopping place in town, the storm cellar. i bought because it fit me well and the older style interested me. after buying it i showed my friend katelyn and asked what she thought of it. right away she said, you have to take off those long pockets in the front, they make your boobs look saggy. i agreed and that was the first change i made just using a seam ripper.

here is the before shot on my new sewing mannequin. my friend told me about it being on clearance at joann's, originally $200, i got it for $25 because the height adjustment was broken.

close up of the pockets, they're actually seven and a half inches long.

here it is pocketless, a very easy and quick change.
next i shortened the sleeves to a little above my elbows. making the sleeves shorter was the trickiest part. i had to make sure they were even and not too tight.

i took the cut off length, measured my biceps and machine sewed two new sleeves.

here it is all finished. i can't wait to wear it.


Melissa said...

You best be wearing that tomorrow girlfriend.

Chance and Beth said...

Wow looks great! And what an awesome find, getting a dress form for 25,wowza.