Wednesday, January 20, 2010

great finds

there are quite a few places to get some good finds in this area.

these are my favorites:
* prune orchard in pullman, wa.
* krown sisters in pullman & lewiston
* open eye consignment in palouse, wa.
* 3 other antique stores on main street in palouse, wa
* the storm cellar here in moscow.
* salvation army anywhere i see one.
* good will is good but a bit overpriced.
* antique mall, moscow - their prices are even higher than g.w, but sometimes you'll find something worth while.
* craigslist, of corse

the pictures below are my latest finds.

frame from prune orchard
the mens necktie is from the storm cellar -
(it will be sewn into a toddler tie for william)
urn is from prune orchard
the "s" is from krown sisters

gum ball machine from krown sisters


Melissa said...

I've always wanted one of those gumball machines to bribe my kids with.
I just don't have the means of looking, other than online.
I'm glad you made and found some great things.

The Crandizzles said...

Glad you found that gumball machine. Are you planning on giving it as a gift or keeping it? It looks like the same one we have too! One of these days we'll have to hit up some of those stores... preferably without kids!