Sunday, January 17, 2010

comfort & collections

i have a good 2 hours total of spare time a day. a lot of days i'm not very productive with that time, but when i am, i love to make things or look through magazines and decor posts that inspire me. i've been gathering pictures here and there of things i love or like, just because. this,"i like it just because" category is a little difficult to explain, so with karl asking me lately, "why'd you buy this and what the heck is that?" i don't know what to say. this post may help.


i love picture arrangements. especially ones that don't go together. grouped art in mismatched frames that have no exact theme other than the person hanging them likes it. these ones below are perfect to me.

i don't know how to describe it other than i feel at home and comfortable. is that weird? if so i don't care. i couldn't care if a famous designer came in my apartment and told me how outdated and tacky my arrangements were. they aren't going anywhere.

i'm curious to know what a post like this would say about you. maybe it's burning candles, soft rugs, art or lighting. if you don't mind sharing, i'm interested.


what are you a collector of? maybe it's not a planned, well thought out collection, but it is a collection none-the-less. you may have 15 cool looking keys that don't open anything but you can't get rid of them, i call that collecting or hoarding.

this is what i collect.

letters and numbers
to do something like this with.
but especially this.


i first started collecting them for william's room but now i can see them making it into other rooms in my home, like this.

what do you collect and/or why?


Chance and Beth said...

Funny that I noticed your frames from your Christmas post. I love it. I think I really need to start collecting magazines to find a sense of what I like. I use the excuse of being in a temporary apartment for my lack of decorating, sigh. One day I hope to get some style. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I love the letters.

Melissa said...

I don't collect things.
I think this is fun though and an interesting post.
I think I either don't care about things enough, don't care, too lazy, don't think about it or am challenged in decorating.
Whatever it is I'm glad you LOVE it.
I nominated you on my blog.
Check it out today.