Monday, September 28, 2009

william's quilt

one very good friend of mine, katelyn, taught me how to make my first quilt. she has amazing talent for quilting and i'm very lucky to of had such a privilege.

to start, i picked out 9 different fat quarters from a local fabric store here in moscow, quilt something. flannel for the back and some warm & cozy for added warmth. i chose coordinating fabric for the binding and thread to hand quilt it. that's pretty much it.

i wanted a random pattern but you can choose any one you'd like. here it is all laid out ready to sew.

i've just layered the warm & cozy in between the flannel and squares with spray adhesive. katelyn showed me how to do most every step, but now after completing it i'm pretty confident in doing one on my own. thank you kate.

finished blanket

here is the back flannel with binding.

you can see the hand stitching up close here.


fiy - total cost around $45 


The Crandizzles said...

Looks awesome and totally boy! Love the baseballs!

Karl said...

Nice job sweet cheeks!

K8 said...

this turned out perfect! I love it!