Tuesday, September 8, 2009

flower mobile

this is the second mobile i've made. the first was for katelyn and this one is for my friend camille, she'll be having a little girl soon. these are very inexpensive, fun and easy to make, a little time consuming but worth it. 


glue gun
sewing needle
clear, strong tread
BRIDES flowers - Micheals $4.99
metal ring - Micheals

 here are the finished strands laid out on my table (17 total)

finished product


to start, you thread your needle and pierce each flower in the center, until you reach the length desired. this one was 12 flowers and 15 flowers long. then put a dot of glue at the bottom of each pierced flower and hold in place, about 1.5'' from each other. after you've finished all the strands you then tie each one to the metal ring and use your glue gun to hold in place.


jack schatz said...
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Krown Sisters said...

Hey girl! I am trying to get a hold of Kristina to deliver her shelf to her. Do you know her phone number? Or could you pass mine to her 509-496-6620? Thanks so much!! :)