Tuesday, August 11, 2009

william's room

william is my only child right now and I have really enjoyed putting together his room. the first few pieces I bought were his lowboy and globes, all awesome finds at one of my favorite antique shops in palouse, wa. the globes, each a different size, inspired and led me to where his room is now. a very good friend of mine, michelle, made book-ends out of bricks, old maps an glue, perfect for standing up his favorite thing - books. the chalk board above his crib i found for a few dollars, repainted it and scribbled out the world in chalk. 

the 'w' sitting on a picture ledge is another one of my favorite things. i love 3-D letters, alone on a bookshelf, spelling out a name, old ones made of wood or metal, like the one he has. next to his 'w' is a framed picture of his first finger painting, i like seeing his framed art work.


i recently found a picture online that is very similar to william's lowboy set up. i was very pleased. it isn't prominent in the picture but you can see it in the lower right corner.

i'd like a similar bed and chair next.


K8 said...

HELLO CUTENESS! LOVe the photos! great job krystal. keep it up. you're going to have the next big blog!

Karl said...

Simplicity is real!!

Your styles changed my life. I love you!

Jay and Camille said...

Love it. Love you. Love William. Love your style.