Wednesday, July 29, 2009

well hidden storage

i started a few sewing projects/crafts and needed somewhere to store fabric, thread, scissors, ribbon etc. having little floor space, i needed to make storage that would work on the wall. 

one of my best friends, katelyn, turned me on to pegboard. she uses it in her sewing room and laundry room for tool storage. pegboard is very versatile and can be put anywhere. i needed mine to be covered because it would be hanging in my living room.


2'x4' piece of pegboard
1.5 yd fabric
wood to build frame
batting between frame and fabric
pegs to hold items in storage
staple gun



my father-in-law built the frame for me, but it is very simple to do yourself.

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K8 said...

perfect. love it. thanks for sharing with the bloggin world.... finally.