Saturday, December 5, 2009

tree skirt

i bought 1 1/8 yard of fabric last week to recover my living room pillows. after deciding i bought a safe and somewhat boring fabric i thought i'd make it into a tree skirt. i have clear, white and silver ornaments on my tree so the creamy, white damask fabric i chose will be perfect.

first i taped the fabric right side down on my kitchen table. after marking the center i took a piece of string tied to a pen and drew a line all the way around.

here is it cut out with an opening to put it around the trunk.

i reused this home-made princess Leia dress, a white sheet, from halloween to give it a little more weight. worked perfect. here it is pinned all the way around.

finished skirt. a little small but it does the job.

merry christmas and thanks for looking.
love krystal


Melissa said...

Hey looks great Krystal. I love your tree. I miss not having decorations man.
At least I have my countdown to Christmas right?

K8 said...

look beautiful krystal. you did a great job on the skirt! and great photos too!

Chance and Beth said...

So cute! Nice job. I also love your photo frames in the back ground. Classy